VersaSlide RetroFit

The Best Retrofit Solution to Revitalize Existing Shelving.

For retailers looking to upgrade existing shelves, our VersaSlide Retrofit cooler shelf glides are for you. Enhance your existing capability by improving sanitation, fully utilizing the available space, and enriching product presentation. Learn more about our affordable retrofit applications.

As a durable, low-profile alternative to disposable glides, the patented VersaSlide® will help your products flow better, longer.

Product Benefits

Flexibility and Cost with Glides
Utilizing glidesheets as an alternative to roller mats gives merchandisers increased width flexibility in addition to a lower price point.

Product Durability
Our VersaSlide RetroFit kits have a 10-year lifespan.

Maximize Shelf Space
VersaSlide kits are designed to use all your existing shelf space. Unlike other glide systems, VersaSlide covers the entire shelf: upright to upright and front to back.

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Product Specifications:

Capacity: 27″ to 48″ Deep
Plexi Height Options: Standard or Tall (for Liter Bottles)
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, Width, Shelf Configuration
Finish: Coating
Width: Single & Double door widths

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