VersaSlide RetroFit

The Best Retrofit Solution to Revitalize Existing Shelving.

For merchandisers looking to upgrade their existing wire shelving on a budget, VersaSlide Retrofit kits are a great option. Utilizing our retrofit kits allows merchandisers the ability to improve their product presentation, gain additional facings, and improve sanitation.

As a durable, low-profile alternative to disposable glides, the patented VersaSlide® will help your products flow better, longer.

Product Benefits

Flexibility and Cost with Glides
Utilizing glidesheets as an alternative to roller mats gives merchandisers increased width flexibility in addition to a lower price point.

Product Durability
Our VersaSlide RetroFit kits have a 10-year lifespan.

Maximize Shelf Space
VersaSlide kits are designed to use all your existing shelf space. Unlike other glide systems, VersaSlide covers the entire shelf: upright to upright and front to back.

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Product Specifications:

Capacity: 27″ to 48″ Deep
Plexi Height Options: Standard or Tall (for Liter Bottles)
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, Width, Shelf Configuration
Finish: Coating
Width: Single & Double door widths

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