Atlanta Gravity Flow Shelving

Harness the power of gravity to sell more products in Georgia

Our Atlanta gravity flow shelving systems make it simple for shoppers to purchase items, resulting in greater sales.

Customized Retail Shelving Solutions
to Fit Your Needs and Boost Your Return-on-Investment

It’s time to improve the retail experience and make employee work smarter, not harder. With our Atlanta gravity flow shelving solutions, you can let gravity do the job in your coolers. You’ll spend less time managing inventories and more on your customers’ demands. The result is optimized sales.

Gravity Flow Shelving

The Benefits of Atlanta Gravity Flow Shelving

B-O-F’s gravity flow shelving solutions are the most effective approach to optimizing your store’s merchandise and labor. Products are more accessible, attractively organized, and properly faced.

Increases Shelf Facings and Capacity.

Reduce Labor Costs

“One touch” loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs.

Sell More Product

Increased product pack-out by adding additional facings or additional shelving depth.

Increase Your ROI

Labor savings and increased product pack-out result in an ROI in roughly 9 to 12 months.

Pharmacy Shelving

Make your consumers’ buying experience more convenient. Our gravity flow shelving makes pharmacy shopping more effortless, more efficient, and less stressful.

Grocery Store Shelving

Out-of-stock items result in fewer sales and dissatisfied customers. Everyone has a better shopping experience when their preferred products are available.

Liquor Store Shelving

Increase revenue, reduce the number of damaged bottles, and minimize cleanup by making products easier to access for shoppers.

Convenience Store Shelving

Make shoppers’ lives simpler by offering more product facings and reducing the time staff spend replenishing merchandise.

Progress by Numbers

B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out up to 97 percent, leading to increased profits and reduced labor costs.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Gravity Flow Shelving Solutions

Let us prove why our retail shelves are the solution you’ve been looking for. Find out how we can help you reap the rewards and harness the power of Atlanta gravity flow shelving.