Milk & Dairy Gravity Flow Shelving

Shelving Capacity to Reduce Restocking Labor and Increase Facings to Maximize Profits

Create a clean, attractive, and easy-to-shop dairy department experience with B-O-F™ merchandising systems.

Gravity Flow Merchandising System: Industry Leading Dairy Shelving System

Creating an optimal retail shopping experience can be a challenge. Messy spills and spoiled products lead to unhappy customers. B-O-F™ cooler shelves, and dairy merchandising system solutions make it easy to create efficient, organized, easy-to-clean, and return on investment boosting diary retail displays.

Our patented, customized dairy shelving solutions harness the power of gravity to deliver the ultimate customer experience that will increase sales.

  • Increased product pack out
  • Reduce labor costs

  • Stock faster and less often
  • Present a cleaner, more organized display of dairy products
  • Create a better experience for your customers
  • Increase profits

Featured Dairy Cooler Shelves

Attractive displays, increased labor efficiency, and easy maintenance are just a few reasons why 85 percent of leading national grocery chains in North America choose our gravity flow cooler shelves for their in-store dairy departments.

Milk Moover Shelving with Various Milk Cartons, Bottles, and Jugs

For Milk and Creamer
The Milk Moover®

Minimize clutter and maximize your product facings with the Milk Moover.

White Milk Jug and Creamer Carton Silhouettes

For Yogurt

Tackle the unique challenge of merchandising yogurt with VersaSlide.

White Yogurt Cup Silhouette
Gravity Flow Yogurt Shelving
Milk Crate Moover

Milk Crate Moover®

Certain packages do not flow well on traditional flow technologies, such as bagged milk. Milk Crate Moover is adept at tackling this unique issue for retailers.

White Milk Jug and Creamer Carton Silhouettes

Egg Moover®

Egg Moover was designed to keep your eggs in front of customers at all times. The unique construction of the unit allows for it to be shopped and restocked at the same time.

Egg Moover
Milk Moover Shelving with LED Lighting

B-O-F LED Lighting

Optimizing merchandising lighting to a new level is now available with your B-O-F merchandising system. Take advantage of an integrated LED lighting system to maximize sales regardless of packaging.

Custom Gravity Flow Milk & Dairy Shelving

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. At B-O-F, we offer specialized products designed to meet all merchandising needs.

We work closely with our customers to develop a custom Plan-O-Gram to fit their unique needs. With a dedicated and highly trained customer service team and skilled craftsmen in our U.S.-based factory, we deliver the right shelving solution for your space.

  • Delivering return-on-investment within a year or less
  • Built to your exact specification and POG to eliminate setup time
  • Adjustable dividers adapt to any future product configuration and package size

Reach out to discuss your inventory, storage, or display challenges and find the optimal custom dairy shelving solution for your needs.

Dairy Shelving Solutions That Speak Volumes

Harness the power of gravity to ensure your company’s success has no shelf life.

Owning your own dairy equipment is vital to fully maximize your dairy profits. Eliminate the added rental fees and say goodbye to unsold products. B-O-F gravity flow dairy shelving puts the control back in the merchandiser’s hands. Maximize organization, buyer experience, and profits with our easy-to-install and versatile gravity flow dairy shelving solutions for your milk and dairy retail displays.

B-O-F Milk & Dairy Cooler Racks: Trusted By Many

“B-O-F transformed our multiple dairy aisles into one contemporary, cohesive dairy department. Their gravity flow shelving allows our customers to shop rather than search for dairy items, resulting in higher basket rings.”

Gil W.
Grocery Chain Dairy Operations Director


What is the life span of a glide sheet?

B-O-F™ has tested the lifespan of a glide sheet to be approximately 10 years.

How frequently should a glide sheet be cleaned?

Every time there is a spill, the glide sheet should be cleaned. Beyond that, anytime product is not flowing properly, this is an indication that the sheet needs to be cleaned.

Can the mobile milk moovers that you ship me come with shelving placed at the levels I want them specified at?

B-O-F™ would be happy to set the shelves on The Milk Moover® at the height you specify. We do this for several customers.

How to properly rotate products?

Ensuring that all products are rotated properly is key to ensuring that products purchased are fresh. Rear loading is the easiest way to ensure that first-in-first-out (FIFO) rotation is achieved.    Deep shelving on rear-fed products ensures minimal backstock is needed and that proper rotation is consistently achieved.

It’s Time to Revitalize Your Dairy Cooler Shelves

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