B-O-F LED Lighting

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LED Lighting Product

Optimizing merchandising lighting to a new level is now available with your B-O-F merchandising system. Take advantage of an integrated LED lighting system to maximize sales regardless of packaging.

  • Maximize product lighting

  • Integrated design

  • Retrofit onto existing B-O-F Shelving Systems

  • Increase customer experience
  • Customizable configuration

LED Lighting

Product Benefits

Maximize Product Visibility
Specially designed into the price tag molding to optimize product visibility.

Integrated Design
The LED lighting is integrated into the price tag molding providing the best aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the lighting is placed where it maximizes the product, and eliminates customers visibility of the LED light source.

Retrofit onto existing B-O-F Shelving Systems
The LED solution can be retrofitted onto any existing BOF  VersaSlide , VersaRoll and NylaTrack Shelving system

Product Specifications:

LED with price tag molding: Black, white, or gray
IP Rating: 64
Warranty: 5 years – Driver and LED Lighting
UL Listed: LED Lights & Power Supply
Power Supply: 100 watt/24 volt output – 120 volt input
Power Supply enclosure: Includes quick disconnect
Kelvin: 4,000
CRI: 95
Life Expectancy: 100,000 hours
Lumen Output – 30″ wide: 600
Lumen Output – 60″ wide: 1,200
Lumen Ouput – 72″ wide: 1,300
Wattage/30″ wide LED light: 5
Wattage/60″ wide LED Light: 10
Wattage/72″ wide LED Light: 11
Cable Tree: 7 shelf


Product Options

Kelvin: 5,000, 3,500
Cable Tree: 100 shelf
LED light width: Custom widths available
LED Lighting

Customize Your Shelving with B-O-F LED Lighting

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