Liquor Store Shelving Solutions

Increase your shelf stocking capacity and sales

Give customers at liquor stores quick access to their favorite cold drinks.

Most consumers want cold drinks straight from the cooler instead of room-temperature drinks from center aisle shelves. Out-of-stock cold beer means being out-of-luck on sales for liquor stores. B-O-F shelving enables liquor stores to stock substantially more beer and wine than traditional flat shelving, resulting in increased sales and labor savings.

Deeper shelves also mean less time spent on restocking by employees. This also means it’s easier for customers to find their favorite brand, and they are more likely to come back to your store for more. This increase in sales means stores will see an ROI of less than a year.

  • Maximize shelf space
  • Increase facings
  • First-In-First-Out product rotation
  • Superior presentation
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Customizable configuration
White Beer Packaging Silhouette



Customers who can’t find their favorite brands often walk away unhappy. Recapture lost customers with up to 300 percent more cold beer products using gravity flow shelving systems.

White Wine Bottle Silhouettes



B-O-F gravity flow shelving is designed to bring wine products closer to the customer. Eliminate shrink, vastly improve inventory control for all your SKUs, and make wine shopping more enjoyable.

White Can Silhouette

Single Serve

Single Serve

Single serve sales can be a nice profit boost for liquor stores. With B-O-F shelving, you can keep your coolers full of the good stuff and send your sales off the charts with more pack-out and facings.

“With B-O-F’s NylaTrack, we were able to increase our pack out by 200% after going with their deeper shelves.”

Liquor Store Owner

Optimize your liquor store shelving.

Let’s discuss your shelving options today. Gravity flow shelving can increase sales while reducing your restocking and cleanup efforts.