The Ultimate Gravity Flow Roller Shelving System on the Market

Get the most out of your cooler with the widest shelf in the industry.

VersaRoll RetroFit Kit

Increase sales with the ultimate gravity flow roller shelving system on the market. B-O-F’s VersaRollerShelf® is the widest shelf in the industry, allowing merchandisers to face more products on a single shelf.

Utilizing our proprietary system and adjustable, patented dividers with 1/8” adjustability ensures continuous facings and increased sales. The VersaRollerShelf fits onto the B-O-F uprights without additional support, allowing for maximum merchandising space.

  • Gain additional shelves

  • Increase facings

  • A low-profile alternative to disposable glides

  • Vertical adjustability

  • Self-facing

  • Faster product resets

The patented VersaRollerShelf® will help your products flow better for longer.

Gatorade Bottles on VersaRollerShelf

Product Benefits

Increase Profits
Dividers adjust in 1/8” increments providing a more dynamic product mix with additional facings.

Gain Additional Shelves and Facings
1” wide uprights and side product stops leave no wasted space next to the upright, along with our patented 1/8” dividers will increase facings to gain sales revenue.

Faster Product Resets
Each shelf is straightforward to set up and adjust during Plan-O-Gram changes. Minimizes down time for customers.

The Cascade Effect

Vertical Adjustability
Low-profile shelves with 1” upright keyhole adjustability allow shelf spacing to be adjusted to incorporate a wide array of products and eliminate dead space. The cascading of shelving allows lower products to be easily seen and shopped.

Reduce Labor Costs
B-O-F Corporation shelving will be “your best employee.” The automatic facing obtained from the industry-leading Rolller Mat will make the facing of products simple and consistent.

Thin and Durable
VersaRollerShelf is the most durable and thinnest roller mat shelf on the market. It is durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily usage but thin enough not to take up valuable merchandising space.


Product Specifications:

Capacity: 27″ Deep
Plexi Height Options: Standard or Tall (for Liter Bottles)
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Shelf Configuration
Finish: Black Coating
Width: 24″ and 30″

Upgrade Your Wire Shelving with VersaRollerShelf®

Let us develop a solution to handle your unique merchandising or material-handling challenge today.