Beer Cave Solutions

Boost Beer sales with Solutions Designed to Maximize product mix and presentation.

B-O-F™ offers every different configuration of solutions to optimize your beer cave space for increased sales.

Gravity Flow Solutions for Packaged Beverages

Keeping ample cold beverages in your beer caves can be challenging. B-O-F gravity flow shelving ensures your grocery stores are stocked at full capacity to meet all your consumer’s needs. Beer caves are quickly becoming a popular trend for store owners looking to offer more cold beverage options to their consumers.

Here at B-O-F, we’ve developed products specifically designed to maximize the space available to ensure your beer cave can offer the most product per square foot.

  • Gain additional shelves
  • Increase facings
  • Vertical adjustability
  • Incorporate a wide array of products
  • Minimize cleanup time
  • Superior product presentation

Featured Beer Cave Shelving

Designed to handle your most demanding jobs, our Gravity Flow Shelving works with your heaviest merchandise and reaches greater depths than any other product on the market.

VersaSlide Beer Cave Shelving

For Packaged Beer & Six Pack

Optimize space and product mix with VersaRack. Flow any beer products with ease while maintaining organized shelves. Our durable and adjustable dividers allow retailers to merchandise a variety of products on the same shelf and make resets a snap.

White Beer Packaging Silhouette

Fully customizable An assortment of shelf widths ensures an efficient plan-o-gram layout without wasted space. Fully adjustable shelf heights and dividers accommodate a wide variety of products. We create fully customized layouts to fit your specific needs.

Corner Beer Cave Shelving

The Corner Beer Cave Shelf eliminates un-merchandized corners in your Beer Cave. Allowing you to maximize your retail space in your Beer Cave. It is used in conjunction with our normal Beer Cave shelving to create the best shelving system on the market.

White Beer Packaging Silhouette

Product Specifications:

Upright post colors: Black, white, or gray
Upright post heights: 85″ or 91″
Numbered uprights: Marked at each slot
Shelf width: 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″, 48″, 60″
Shelf depth: 27″, 36″, 48″
Shelf colors: Black, white, or gray
Shelf topper: Glide – 1 per shelf
  glides wider than 30″ will get split
  into two sheets of equal size
Shelf topper colors: Black or white
Lane divider height: 3″ tall
Lane divider colors: Black, white, or gray
Front product stop: Clear 3½” Plexiglass with 60° bend
Side product stop height: 3″ tall metal
Side product stop colors: Black, white, or gray
Rear product stop: Built into shelf
Price tag molding colors: Black, white, or gray


Product Options

Shelf topper: Roller
Custom colors: Available by PMS color
Price tag molding: Front with clear splash cover
Price tag molding colors: Black or gray
Tall front product stop: 6″ Plexiglass with 60° bend
Custom width: Available
Custom depth: Available
Custom height: Available
Heavy duty bottom shelf: Flat shelf to allow stacking of bulk products
Flat corner shelf: See separate corner shelf sales sheet
7″ tall Signage band: See separate signage band sales sheet
End cap panel: See separate end cap panel sales sheet



Uprights: Galvanized

Keg Moover™

Keg merchandise needs to be stored neatly, but also needs to have the ultimate in visual impact to maximize sales opportunities, while making it easy for the shopper or store associate to retrieve the keg.

Keg Moover
Milk Moover Shelving with LED Lighting

B-O-F LED Lighting

Optimizing merchandising lighting to a new level is now available with your B-O-F merchandising system. Take advantage of an integrated LED lighting system to maximize sales regardless of packaging.

VersaRoll & Versa Slide®

Gain additional shelves and facings
Glide sheets are very durable, and low profile alternatives to disposable shelf toppers. Glide sheets and roller mats have our patented lane dividers with 1/8” spacing adjustments to increase facings.

Vertical adjustability
Low profile glides and roller mats, along with 1” keyhole adjustments for shelf spacing will maximize your vertical space and allow you to gain shelves.

Minimize cleanup time
Low profile glide sheets can be removed and cleaned when necessary with any standard cleaning agent.


When should I use rollers and when should I use glide sheets?

B-O-F™ recommends using rollers on product that is packaged in cardboard, such 6 packs, 12 packs, 18 packs of beer. Glide sheets should be used on single serve items, and items that are in rings.

What depth shelving does B-O-F™ recommend?

The deepest shelving possible for the space that you have allocated. It is important to keep product in a “salable” position. Back stock shelving creates more labor. It is important to maximize the shelving that will maximize your sales.

When should we use glide sheets, and when should we use rollers?

B-O-F™ recommends that single serve products, and products not encased in cardboard flow best on glide sheets, while products encased in cardboard flow best on roller mats.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Beer Cave Shelving

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