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Helping you keep products in stock and closer to the customer

Maintaining your grocery store’s product is no longer an endless chore with gravity flow solutions from B-O-F.

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Leading grocers across North America depend on B-O-F for dairy and beer—two of their most profitable departments because they get results. Our gravity flow shelving increases profits, pack-out, facings, and energy savings while saving labor costs.

These gravity innovations allow for easy one-touch loading from the rear. Don’t settle for traditional flat shelving when you can have products in stock, presented attractively, and closer to the customer.

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  • Maximize shelf space
  • Increase facings
  • First-In-First-Out product rotation
  • Superior presentation
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Customizable configuration
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Messy spills and spoiled products lead to unhappy customers. The Milk Moover® drastically reduces stocking time, hides those spills, and makes cleanup quick and easy.

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With the lineup of Craft Beers expanding, offering a variety of products is vital for grocery stores. B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out by up to 300 percent.

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Beer Cave

Beer Cave

Keeping ample cold beverages in your beer caves can be challenging. B-O-F gravity flow shelving ensures your grocery stores are stocked at full capacity to meet all your consumer’s needs.

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Stocking all your consumers’ favorite wines can be a challenge. With B-O-F gravity flow shelving, you’re giving yourself the ability to maximize your product mix and watch your profits soar.

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“Sixteen plus hours every month – that’s how many hours we save in stocking labor thanks to B-O-F’s gravity flow shelving. The cost savings really helps our bottom line.”

Karen C., Chain Manager

Optimize your grocery store shelving.

Let’s discuss your shelving options today. Gravity flow shelving can increase sales while reducing your restocking and cleanup efforts.

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