VersaRack® E-Z Clean™

The Most Versatile Merchandising Solution on the Market

Take full advantage of your storage capacity with VersaRack. Improve sales and cut labor costs with the most adaptable gravity flow rack in the industry.

VersaRack Shelving

Optimize your display with the widest shelf in the industry, patented 1/8” divider slots, and 1″ uprights. VersaRack is the ultimate gravity shelving system on the market. Its unique versatility allows merchandisers to face a variety of products on a single shelf. Utilizing our proprietary glide sheet and adjustable patented dividers ensures continuous facings and increased sales.

  • Gain additional shelves
  • Increase facings
  • Vertical adjustability
  • Incorporate a wide array of products
  • Minimize cleanup time
  • Superior product presentation

1″ uprights coupled with side dividers ensure the widest shelf possible behind your doors.

VersaRack Shelving

Product Benefits

VersaRack with VersaSlide

Gain Facings
1/8” divider slots give merchandisers more flexibility to gain facings and make future resets a breeze.

Minimize Clean Up Time
Dual Glidesheets allow employees to discreetly clean shelves without removing product and disrupting shoppers.

Gain Additional Shelves
Maximize the space behind your doors. Our glide sheets and our 1″ keyholes give you the ability to add additional shelves.

Lower Product Fall-Off’s and Waste
Automatic FIFO product rotation eliminates the need to front face your products or dispose of expired products on your shelf.

Industry Leading Glidesheet
We offer a silicone infused glidesheet that has been tested to last 10+ years. A much better option than the frail glides currently out there.

Product Benefits

VersaRack with VersaRoll

Superior Product Presentation
Dividers adjust in 1/8” increments, providing a more dynamic product mix and additional facings.

Thinner Roller Mat
Our Roller Mats are thinner and feature more bracing to increase its durability.

Lower Product Fall-Offs and Waste
Automatic FIFO product rotation eliminates the need to front face your produced or dispose of left over products on your shelf.

Minimize Clean Up Time
Removable Roller Mats allow for easy cleaning.

VersaRack Shelving

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 27” to 48” deep
Shelf Topper Options: GlideSheets or Roller Mats
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, Finish, Width, Shelf Configuration
Finish: Galvanized, Coating
# of Shelves: 5, 6, 7, 8
Width: Up to Double Door width
Height: 70” – 91.5”

Add Versatility to Your Shelving with VersaRack®

Let us develop a solution to handle your unique merchandising or material handling challenge today.