The most versatile merchandising solution on the market.

Improve sales and cut labor costs with the most adaptable gravity flow rack in the industry. Optimize your display with adjustable shelves, patented 1/8” divider slots, and minimal uprights. Take full advantage of your storage capacity with VersaRack today.

Traditional shelving does not meet the needs of today’s wine market because the top shelf is unreachable for many shoppers.

Product Benefits

VersaRack with VersaSlide

Gain Additional Shelves
Utilizing glide sheets, a durable, low-profile alternative to disposable glides and roller mats, grants merchandisers the ability to add additional shelves.

Gain Facings
With VersaSlide our 1/8” patented dividers gain facings width-wise across shelves.

Vertical Adjustability
Use of low-profile glides and 1” upright keyholes provide the opportunity to adjust shelf spacing to incorporate a wide array of products.

Minimize Clean Up Time
Easily removeable glide sheets offer quick clean up and replacement.

Lower Product Fall-Off’s and Waste
Automatic FIFO product rotation eliminates the need to front face your products or dispose of expired products on your shelf.

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Product Benefits

VersaRack with VersaRoll

Superior Product Presentation
Dividers adjust in 1/8” increments, providing a more dynamic product mix and additional facings.

Lower Product Fall-Offs and Waste
Automatic FIFO product rotation eliminates the need to front face your produced or dispose of left over products on your shelf.

Minimize Clean Up Time
Removable Roller Mats allow for easy cleaning.

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Product Specifications:

Capacity: 27” to 48” deep
Shelf Topper Options: GlideSheets or Roller Mats
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, Finish, Width, Shelf Configuration
Finish: Galvanized, Coating
# of Shelves: 5, 6, 7, 8
Width: Up to Double Door width
Height: 70” – 91.5”

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