Nyla-Track II®

The Perfect Solution for Beer

Extend your beer coolers’ capacity to their limits. Nyla-Track II is the deepest and most durable beverage shelving on the market.

Nyla-Track II Shelving

Designed to handle your most demanding jobs, Nyla-Track II flows the heaviest of merchandise and reaches greater depths than any other product on the market. This product utilizes roll track technology to flow cased products while using inside T dividers for single-serve merchandise.

With roller shelving, the deepest shelves on the market, and infinite adjustment capabilities, Nyla-Track II allows you to merchandize large volumes of packaged beer and single-serve products as efficiently as possible. Increased capacity and superior presentation add up to greater profits.

  • Maximize cooler capacity
  • First-In-First-Out product rotation
  • Quick resets without tools
  • Superior presentation
  • Minimizes labor costs
  • Built using heavy-duty galvanized steel

Minimizes labor costs associated with restocking empty shelves.

Nyla-Track II

Product Benefits

Maximize Product Capacity
Heavy-duty galvanized steel allows merchandisers to stock their shelves with merchandise in depths up to 10’.

Lower Product Fall-Offs and Waste
The automatic FIFO production rotation eliminates the need to front-face your products or dispose of leftover products on your shelf.

Quick Resets
Toolless adjustment allows merchandisers to reorganize their shelving to adapt to evolving merchandising demands quickly.

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 3 feet to 10 feet deep
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, Finish, Width, Shelf Configuration
Finish: Galvanized, Coating
# of Shelves: 4, 5, 6
Width: Single & Double door widths
Height: 70” – 91.5”

Maximize Your Pack Out with Nyla-Track II®

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