The Milk Moover® EZ Clean

The industry leading dairy shelving system just got better

Attractive displays, increased labor efficiency, and easy maintenance are just a few of the reasons why 85% of grocery stores in North America choose the Milk Moover. See what our industry-leading Milk racks can do for you.

Average estimated payback period for a Milk Moover is 8 months through labor savings and capitalizing on per gallon profit.

Product Benefits

Increase Your Profit per Gallon
Owning your own dairy shelving will eliminate added rental fees and allow an increase in profits!

Minimize Clean Up Time
Dual Glidesheet system decreases labor and allows for ZERO down time for customers shopping products

Maximize Product Presentation
Designed to utilize the full width of your doors, including Vista Doors, adding up to 15% more facings for easier brand identification

Lower Product Fall-Off’s and Waste
The automatic FIFO product rotation eliminates the need to front face your products or dispose of left over products on your shelf

Built to your exact spec and plan-o-gram. The 1/8″ divider slots ensure future merchandising flexibility for resets and new products

Product Brochure

It’s Time to Upgrade!

Owning your own dairy equipment is a vital step in fully maximizing your dairy profits. Eliminate the added rental fees per gallon and say goodbye to throwing away left over product. The Milk Moover® gives the merchandisers full control over their coolers.

  • Average estimated payback period for a Milk Moover® is 8 months through labor savings and capitalizing on per gallon profit.
  • The Milk Moover® makes the dairy department easier to shop by minimizing clutter and organizing products based on the store’s Plan-O-Gram.
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Product Specifications:

Milk Gallon Capacity: 120 (single door)
Half Gallon Capacity: 270 (single door)
FIFO Product Rotation: Yes
Customization: Depth, finish, casters, hardware, shelf count, etc.
Finish: Galvanized Uprights, Shelf Coating – Epoxy/Nylon
# of Shelves: 4, 5, 6
Width: Single & Double door widths
Height: 70 – 80″ Pending application
Sanitation System: Glide Sheets, drip trays, ETL Certified

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