B-O-F Roller System

The Perfect Roller System Solution for Merchandising Excellence

Solutions for unique merchandising challenges.

B-O-F Roller System

Optimizing merchandising comes to a new level with the B-O-F Roller system. Now available to fit your existing shelving.

  • Maximize shelf space
  • Integrated roller system design

  • Increase customer experience
  • Customizable configuration
B-O-F Roller System

Product Benefits

Maximize product facing
Specifically designed to maximize facing at the shelf for all products.

Integrated roller system design
The Roller System is designed so that all pieces maximize product presentation for the best aesthetic appeal.

Product Specifications:

Width: 30″, 60″
Length: 27″, 36″, 42″, 48″
Color: Black
Lane dividers: 2.75″ tall
Lane divider colors: Black, white, or gray
Front product stop: Clear 3½” plexiglass


Product Options

Rear product stop: 1.5″, 3.5″
Tall front product stop: 6″ Plexiglass
Short front product stop: 1.5″ plexiglass
10 wide -20oz. divider: 2.75″ tall – up to 42″ deep
Tall lane dividers: 3.5″ – up to 48″ deep
Custom width: Available
Custom depth: Available
Custom color: Available

Customize Your Shelving with B-O-F Roller System®

Let us develop a solution to handle your unique merchandising or material-handling challenge today.