Beer & Wine Gravity Flow Shelving

Unrivaled Liquor Shelving Solutions

The right liquor store shelving solutions go a long way to assist you in running a successful business. And B-O-F’s beer cooler shelving and wine rack solutions make it possible.

B-O-F Gravity Flow Merchandising Solutions

An alcohol merchandising solution should be very practical, and a very attractive display. B-O-F™ will make creating your ideal beverage retail space very simple. Our products are gravity-powered liquor shelving solutions that blend function, durability, and increased sales into a single product.

Whether you need a beer cave, wine, or a liquor solution, B-O-F has the right merchandising solution for your needs. Our beer, wine, and liquor shelving ensures you get the depth and inventory management needed to maximize sales.

  • Increase shelving capacity and revenue
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Stock faster and less often
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Increased product pack out up to 97 percent
  • Increase profits and see tangible results

Featured Alcohol Merchandising Products

B-O-F liquor shelving solutions enable stores to stock substantially more beer and wine than traditional flat shelving, resulting in increased sales and substantial labor savings.

VersaSlide Shelving with Assorted Wine Bottles

For Wine

Make your wine fully faced and easy to reach for customers and your staff with VersaSlide.

White Wine Bottle Silhouettes

For Beer
Nyla-Track II®

Increase shelving depth and improve the presentation of your cooler with Nyla-Track II.

White Beer Packaging Silhouette
Nyla-Track II Shelving with Assorted Beer Packaging
VersaSlide Beer Cave Shelving

For Beer Cave

Make sure your products are always within reach and maximize your Beer Cave’s capacity with our VersaRack solution.

White Can Silhouette


VersaRollerShelf is the ultimate gravity flow roller shelving system on the market that will increase sales. The widest shelf in the industry allows merchandisers to face more products on a single shelf. Utilizing our proprietary system and adjustable patented dividers with 1/8” adjustability ensures continuous facings and increased sales. The VersaRollerShelf fits into the B-O-F upright system without any other support, to allow for the maximum amount of distance between each shelf.

White Can Silhouette
VersaSlide Shelving with Energy Drinks
Single Serve EZ Track with Assorted Beers

E-Z Track™

E-Z Track is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and aluminum for ultimate strength and durability. Designed specifically for deeper coolers to ensure maximum product load out and minimize out of stocks on both packaged beer and single-serve products. E-Z Track is the optimal merchandising solution.

B-O-F Roller System

Optimizing merchandising comes to a new level with the B-O-F Roller system. Now available to fit your existing shelving.

White Can Silhouette
B-O-F Roller System with Bottled Beverages
Keg Moover

Keg Moover™

Keg merchandise needs to be stored neatly, but also needs to have the ultimate in visual impact to maximize sales opportunities, while making it easy for the shopper or store associate to retrieve the keg.

B-O-F LED Lighting

Optimizing merchandising lighting to a new level is now available with your B-O-F merchandising system. Take advantage of an integrated LED lighting system to maximize sales regardless of packaging.

Milk Moover Shelving with LED Lighting

Customization & Flexibility

B-O-F durable liquor shelving is designed with your unique store’s needs at the forefront.

The cutting-edge specialized alcohol merchandising system design makes organizing beverages easier while providing adjustable flexibility to suit your ever-changing merchandising needs. When it comes to alcohol merchandising design, B-O-F’s professional and dedicated shelving veterans can provide you with the best merchandising ideas, tips, and most importantly, answers, and state-of-the-art liquor shelving solutions. Reach out to discuss your inventory, storage, or display challenges, and find the optimal custom liquor shelving solution for your needs.

Innovative Liquor Shelving

Change how you manage your beer and wine inventory with innovative shelving designs and the power of gravity flow.

Liquor store shelving is unique. However, alcohol sales are an essential part of any store. Knowing how to operate a retail store is half the battle. The product variety involved in liquor shelving can be challenging to manage.

Being out of stock on cold beer or wine means being out of sales! B-O-F’s reduced visual out-of-stocks leads to increased sales. By opting for our gravity flow system, you get increased product pack-out by adding additional facing and additional shelving depth while vastly improving inventory control.

  • Increase sales
  • Decrease labor costs
  • Enhance the customer experience
Wondering What B-O-F Can Do for Your Business? Just Ask Our Satisfied Customers

“With B-O-F’s NylaTrack, we were able to increase our pack out by 200% after going with their deeper shelves.”

– Liquor Store Owner


When should I use rollers and when should I use glide sheets?

B-O-F™ recommends using rollers on product that is packaged in cardboard, such 6 packs, 12 packs, 18 packs of beer. Glide sheets should be used on single serve items, and items that are in rings.

What depth shelving does B-O-F™ recommend?

The deepest shelving possible for the space that you have allocated. It is important to keep product in a “salable” position. Back stock shelving creates more labor. It is important to maximize the shelving that will maximize your sales.

How to properly rotate products?

Ensuring that all products are rotated properly is key to ensuring that products purchased are fresh. Rear loading is the easiest way to ensure that first-in-first-out (FIFO) rotation is achieved. Deep shelving on rear-fed products ensures that minimal backstock is needed and that proper rotation is consistently achieved.

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