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Single Serve

Shelving Capacity to Lower Labor Costs

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Single-serve offerings are quickly becoming the most important department of a convenience store. Maximizing product variety as well as additional facings and shelves is vital to driving sales. Whether you prefer glides, roller mats or a combination of packaged beer and single serve, here at B-O-F, we will customize a single-serve solution to fit your needs.

VersaSlide - Energy Drinks

For Single Serve
VersaRack with VersaSlide

Maximize shelf count and product facings utilizing low profile glides.

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For Single Serve
VersaRack with FlexRoller

Increase shelf facings and improve presentation with the FlexRoller mats.

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For Single Serve with Packaged Beer
Nyla-Track II

Offer a unique product mix featuring both Packaged and single serve beer.

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