E-Z Track®

The Deepest and Most Durable Retail Gravity Shelving on the Market

Solutions for unique merchandising challenges.

E-Z Track

E-Z Track is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel and aluminum for ultimate strength and durability. Designed specifically for deeper coolers to ensure maximum product load out and minimize out of stocks on both packaged beer and single-serve products. E-Z Track is the optimal merchandising solution.

  • Harness gravity, save labor

  • Maximize cooler capacity

  • Quick resets

  • Increase customer experience
E-Z Track

Product Benefits

Maximize cooler capacity
Heavy duty galvanized steel allows merchandisers to stock their shelves with merchandise in depths up to 10 feet.

Harness gravity, save labor
The automatic First-In-First-Out product rotation eliminates the need to constantly have an employee front face your products.

Quick resets
Toolless adjustment allows merchandisers to quickly reorganize their shelving to adapt to evolving merchandising demands.

Product Specifications:

Upright posts height: 85″ or 91″
Upright posts color: White, black, or grey
Door width – include door manufacturer name & info: 24″, 26″, 28″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″
– Anthony/Styleline/Hussmann/CDS:
– Cisaplast/Thermoseal/EDC:
Shelf depth: 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″, 108″, 120″
Shelf color: White, black, or grey
Shelf topper: Slide Track – 6 packs – Narrow (end of product view)
  Slide Track – 6 Packs – Wide (front of product view)
  Roller Track – 24 Pack – (wide or flat view)
  Roller Track – 9/12/18 pack bottles, 30 pack cans, 12 pack cans (wide or flat view)
  Roller Track – 12/18/24 pack cans (narrow edge view)
  7Roller Track – no lane dividers – 14 roll tracks for 60″ wide shelf
Roller color: Dark grey
Lane dividers: 1.5″ tall for all roll track, 1.5″ tall for 6 packs
  VersaRack – E-Z Clean shelf for any singles -3″ tall lane dividers
Lane divider colors: Aluminum/Gray
Front product stop: .5″ tall aluminum covered with price tag molding
Side product stop height: 1.5″ tall
Side product stop colors: Aluminum/Gray
Rear product stop: Built into shelf
Price tag molding: Plastic
Price tag molding colors: Black, white, or gray
Numbered uprights: Marked at each slot


Product Options

Upright colors: Custom colors
Shelf colors: Custom colors
Lane divider colors: Black, white, or gray
Side product stop colors: Black, white, or gray
Metal price tag molding colors: Black, white, or gray
Plastic price tag molding: With front clear splash cover
Tall front product stop: 6″ Flat Plexiglass
  4″ Flat Plexiglass
Product catcher: Available in all width shelving
Product retainer: Available in all width shelving
Custom width shelves: Available
Custom depth shelves: Available
Custom height uprights: Available

Customize Your Shelving with E-Z Track®

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