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VersaWine Shelving

VersaWine is the ultimate gravity shelving system on the market. Its unique versatility allows merchandisers to face a variety of products on a single shelf. Utilizing our proprietary glide sheet and adjustable patented dividers ensures continuous facings and increased sales.

  • Superior product presentation

  • More dynamic product mix

  • Additional facings

  • Minimize cleanup time

  • Vertical adjustability

  • Incorporate a wide array of products

Traditional shelving does not meet the needs of today’s wine market because the top shelf is unreachable for many shoppers.
VersaSlide Shelving with Assorted Wine Bottles

VersaWineSLIDE + VersaWineRoll

Product Benefits

Long Lasting Durability
Revolutionary silicone technology and thicker glide material ensures a longer lasting product giving the product a 10-year lifespan.

Comb technology adjusts to any item width, granting the ability to flow a variety of products.

Superior Presentation
Utilizing VersaSlide in the center aisle ensures consistently front faced products, eliminating unsightly gaps on your shelves.

Quicker Resets
Gravity feed allows for quick restocking, eliminating the need to push products forward.

Superior Inventory Management
Limited supply of products are always positioned for sale.

Product Specifications:

Upright posts: Black
Upright post heights: 54″, 85″, 91″
Shelf depth: 24″, 27″, 36″, 48″
Shelf width: 24″, 36″, 48″
Shelf colors: Black
Shelf topper: Glide
Shelf topper color: Black
Lane dividers: 3″ tall
Lane divider colors: Black
Front product stop: Clear 3½” Plexiglass with 60° bend
Side product stop: 3″ tall
Side product stop color: Black
Rear product stop: Built into shelf
Price tag molding: Black


Product Options

Shelf topper: Roller
Custom colors: Available by PMS color
Price tag molding: Front with clear splash cover
Price tag molding color: Black
Tall front product stop: Clear 6″ Plexiglass with 60° bend
Custom width shelves: Available
Custom depth shelves: Available
Custom height uprights: Available
VersaWine Shelving with Wine Bottles

Customize Your Wine Shelving with VersaWine

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