Keg Moover™

The Perfect Solution for Handling Any Size Kegs While Having the Ultimate in Merchandising

Solutions for unique merchandising challenges.

Keg Moover products

Keg merchandise needs to be stored neatly, but also needs to have the ultimate in visual impact to maximize sales opportunities, while making it easy for the shopper or store associate to retrieve the keg.

  • Integrated design

  • Maximize organization of keg merchandise

  • Enhance shopping experience

  • Customizable configuration

Keg Moover products

Product Benefits

Maximize Organization of Keg Merchandise
Designed to ensure the ultimate in organized keg merchandising. Carts have floor guides to ensure that each cart is easily returned to its original position, and cannot be removed from the beer cave.

Enhance the Shopping Experience
Four easy Keg Moover™ wheels on each cart with a 40″ tall handle making it very simple for any customer to pull out and view the tops of all kegs stored on the Moover.

Make it easy for your customers to retrieve kegs in the ultimate keg storage merchandiser.

Product Specifications:

Moover color: Galvanized
Moover Handle Height: 40″
Moover height with wheels: 5″
Moover width: 18.75″
Moover depth: 33″
Moover perimeter height: 2″
Handle: Easy grip
Handle color: Black
Wheels: 4 – 2″ casters
Floor tray:


Product Options

Moover color: Available by PMS color
Moover height: Custom sizes available
Moover width: Custom sizes available
Moover depth: Custom sizes available
Keg Moover products with shelving

Customize Your Shelving with Keg Moover™

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