Ensenada Gravity Flow Shelving

Harness the power of gravity to sell more products in Baja California

With B-O-F, retailers can get the right Brampton gravity flow shelving solutions for the Mexican market.

Customized Retail Shelving Solutions
to Fit Your Needs and Boost Your Return-on-Investment

Shelving has a lot to do with the shopping experience for Mexican retailers. Let gravity do the work for you in your coolers with our Ensenada gravity flow shelving solutions. This technology helps stores attract and retain customers by making products accessible and shelves appropriately faced.

Gravity Flow Shelving

The Benefits of Ensenada Gravity Flow Shelving

Keep products within reach and readily available to customers. Our gravity flow solutions make products easy for your customers to buy, leading to increased sales.

Increases Shelf Facings and Capacity.

Reduce Labor Costs

“One touch” loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs.

Sell More Product

Increased product pack-out by adding additional facings or additional shelving depth.

Increase Your ROI

Labor savings and increased product pack-out result in an ROI in roughly 9 to 12 months.

Pharmacy Shelving

With our Ensenada gravity flow shelving, pharmacies and drugstores can differentiate themselves in convenience and customer service.

Grocery Store Shelving

Customers are more satisfied when items on the grocery lists are in stock. Our shelving makes these products easy to reach for more straightforward shopping.

Liquor Store Shelving

Take the shopping experience to another level. Give customers plenty of in-stock options and showcase products in an attractive way.

Convenience Store Shelving

Many convenience stores operate with a small crew. Our gravity flow innovation helps your convenience store meet customer expectations without the extra floor staff.

Progress by Numbers

B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out up to 97 percent, leading to increased profits and reduced labor costs.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Ensenada Gravity Flow Shelving Solutions

Let us prove why our retail shelves are the solution you’ve been looking for. Find out how we can help you reap the rewards and harness the power of Ensenada gravity flow shelving.