Fort Wayne Gravity Flow Shelving

Harness the power of gravity to sell more products in Indiana

Maintain a more extensive inventory of beverage goods, lead customer experience with ease, and meet their buying demands with Fort Wayne gravity flow shelving.

Customized Retail Shelving Solutions
to Fit Your Needs and Boost Your Return-on-Investment

Our Fort Wayne gravity flow shelving systems are developed around your consumers’ buying activities. With innovations from B-O-F, you will have products in stock, nicely displayed, and closer to the shopper. These shelves automatically move products forward, so you don’t have to worry about items being out of reach. They also allow you to stock more efficiently and replenish less frequently.

Gravity Flow Shelving

The Benefits of Fort Wayne Gravity Flow Shelving

Shelving has a significant impact on the shopping experience for customers. With our Fort Wayne gravity flow shelving, you’ll keep a tidy and professional appearance for products ready for purchase.

Increases Shelf Facings and Capacity.

Reduce Labor Costs

“One touch” loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs.

Sell More Product

Increased product pack-out by adding additional facings or additional shelving depth.

Increase Your ROI

Labor savings and increased product pack-out result in an ROI in roughly 9 to 12 months.

Pharmacy Shelving

Using our gravity flow shelving, pharmacies and drugstores may distinguish themselves in terms of convenience and customer experience.

Grocery Store Shelving

In-store shoppers expect easy access to products. Maintain increased product availability while spending less time stocking.

Liquor Store Shelving

Improve your sales from the aisle, provide shoppers better access to an assortment of items, and increase revenue with more product faces.

Convenience Store Shelving

Make the most of employee time. Many convenience stores have a limited payroll, meaning staff members are often responsible for stocking and customer service.

Progress by Numbers

B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out up to 97 percent, leading to increased profits and reduced labor costs.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Gravity Flow Shelving Solutions

Let us prove why our retail shelves are the solution you’ve been looking for. Find out how we can help you reap the rewards and harness the power of Fort Wayne gravity flow shelving.