Custom Gravity Flow Shelving

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer specialized solutions designed to meet merchandising needs. Reach out to discuss your inventory, storage, or display challenges, and we will work with you to find the optimal custom solution.

Specialized Shelving Solutions
Specialized Solutions Shelving Egg Moover

Egg Moover Product Benefits

Reduce Restocking Time
Duel sided shelving as well as crated egg products allows for quick restocking during down time.  Customer studies showed a payback period of 3 months.

Superior Presentation
Reduces clutter and keeps products organized and easy to access.

Improved Inventory Control
Reorganize your products on one side while customers shop the reverse side.

B-O-F LED Lighting Benefits

Maximize Product Visibility
Specially designed into the price tag molding to optimize product visibility

Integrated Design
LED Lighting is placed where it eliminates customer’s visibility of the light source. This enhances your presentation

Retrofit onto existing B-O-F Shelving Systems
The LED solution can be retrofitted onto any existing BOF  VersaSlide , VersaRoll and NylaTrack Shelving system

Milk Moover Shelving with Dairy-Free Milk Carton and Milk Jugs
Milk Crate Moover Specialized Shelving Solution

Milk Crate Moover Product Benefits

Maximize Product Capacity
Increased shelving capacity minimizes labor costs associated with restocking shelves.

Flow Bags of Milk or Other Cumbersome Merchandise
Certain packages do not flow well on traditional flow technologies, such as bagged Milk. The Milk Crate Moover is adept at tackling this unique issue.

Maximize Profits on Alternative Dairy Choices
Above the Staple Milk Purchases in crates – Single Serve items such as Creamers, Flavored Milk, and other alternatives are easily within reach.  Available with 1/8” adjustable dividers.

“B-O-F transformed our multiple dairy aisles into one contemporary, cohesive dairy department.  Their gravity flow shelving allows our customers to shop rather than search for dairy items, resulting in higher basket rings.”

Gil W., Grocery Chain Dairy Operations Director

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