Sacramento Gravity Flow Shelving

Harness the power of gravity to sell more products in California

Upgrade how your retail store caters to customers with our cutting-edge Sacramento gravity flow shelving solutions.

Customized Retail Shelving Solutions
to Fit Your Needs and Boost Your Return-on-Investment

Looking to take your business to the next level? Our Sacramento gravity flow shelving solutions are the perfect investment. Picture well-stocked beverage shelves that are perfectly organized. They will leave a lasting impression on your customers and boost your bottom line. With our gravity flow technology, you’ll witness a complete transformation of your business, setting you up for long-term success.

Gravity Flow Shelving

The Benefits of Sacramento Gravity Flow Shelving

Get the most out of your business by increasing efficiency and reducing labor expenses. Our cutting-edge shelving systems will help you meet customer demands and give you a competitive edge.

Increases Shelf Facings and Capacity.

Reduce Labor Costs

‘One touch’ loading and easy cleaning minimize labor costs.

Sell More Product

Increased product pack-out by adding additional facings or additional shelving depth.

Increase Your ROI

Labor savings and increased product pack-out result in an ROI in roughly 9 to 12 months.

Pharmacy Shelving

Make it simple for pharmacy and drugstore shoppers to find the items they want. Our clever shelving system ensures that a wider selection of products is always available, boosting customer satisfaction.

Grocery Store Shelving

Our gravity flow shelves ensure your products are easy to see, grab, and keep organized. Your grocery customers can spend less time searching for their products. Instead, they’ll have more time to fill their cart.

Liquor Store Shelving

Take your store to the next level by expanding your selection with high-quality products. Revolutionize your store’s operation with our innovative shelving solutions, setting a new bar of excellence for your liquor store.

Convenience Store Shelving

Our shelving system is designed to help you strategically place your high-demand items, making them easily accessible to customers. This means those items that fly off the shelves will always be within reach, increasing the chances of customers making bigger purchases.

Progress by Numbers

B-O-F gravity flow shelving systems increase pack-out up to 97 percent, leading to increased profits and reduced labor costs.

Unlock Your Full Potential with Sacramento Gravity Flow Shelving Solutions

Let us prove why our retail shelves are the solution you’ve been looking for. Find out how we can help you reap the rewards and harness the power of gravity flow shelving.